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Navigation Mesh Generation

My first project is a study of the navigation mesh generation process used by Recast.  It consists of Java code that takes an arbitrary triangle mesh as input and generates meshes that represent the traversable surface of the source mesh.  Lot's of good computational geometry algorithms!

I'm calling it a study because it is way over-documented.  Overviews with visualizations, full javadoc, and lots of code comments with references.  It's got so much documentation that hackers may get irritated.  But the target audience includes novices.  So hackers, deal with it.  There is plenty of undocumented code in the world made just for you.

It's been a long time since I've used so much math in my work.  And forcing yourself to create documentation is a  great way of burning new things into the brain.  I also learned SketchUp and a new content management system in the process.  So lot's of secondary fun for me.

The project is over on a new domain:  Its a place where I'll be posting AI related code.  The NMGen entry point includes links to source, javadoc, etc.

The overview documentation is still in progress.  I'll provide updates in this blog whenever I post a new "chapter" to the overview.

Enjoy and don't eat the broccoli.

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