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Sneak Peak: Recast Navigation for Unity

Things change, especially when exploring. For example, the benefits of maintaining and upgrading my navigation prototype no longer outweighs the costs. But I still need an good pathfinding solution for Unity. So after looking longingly at its various features, I'm switching over to a Unity plug-in based on Recast Navigation.

And my completely free to use projects continue to fade away.

That's the bad news. The good news is that I'm very close to an alpha release of the new navigation project. It exposes almost all of Recast Navigation's features, and can be used with both Unity Pro and .NET. I have another week or two of cleanup. API standardization, documentation, sample projects, etc. But primary coding is complete.

To give an idea of what's coming I've posted a sneak peak over on the project home site. It's a nice easy to use feature explorer for the NavmeshQuery class.

Enjoy, and ignore all anti-virus warnings.

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